How We Fix Your Credit

Free 30-Minute Consultation

Fixing your credit can seem daunting. Our expert consultants will put your mind at ease during a free consultation, where they'll personally review your credit report and explain exactly how to improve your score

Repair and Restore

Late payments, foreclosures, tax liens - we address every negative item on your report. We know you're busy. We do all the heavy lifting and deal directly with the credit bureaus so you can focus on the important things in life

Begin to Build

Your credit health is more than just a number.  After repairing your credit, we'll provide coaching and all the information you need to maintain and strengthen your credit. Financial freedom is built from healthy habits!

Step 1

Free 30-Minute Consultation

One of our consultants will review your current credit report and explain exactly how to improve your score. One quick call can open the doors to your future financial freedom.

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Step 2

Repair and Restore

Late payments, foreclosures, tax liens - we deal with every item that has a negative impact on your score. We've removed countless inaccurate items from our clients' credit reports. But don't worry, we do all the heavy lifting in dealing directly with the credit bureaus. 

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Step 3

Begin to Build

Your credit health is more than just a numerical score.  After repairing your credit, we'll equip you with all of the information to strengthen your credit and regain financial freedom.

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Our Reviews

A. Rodriguez, NY
They have an amazing legal team that handles all types of credit problems. They know the credit laws inside and out and believe me when I say that I thought I would never be able to own a home, walk into a BMW dealer and drive out with a brand new car with no co-signer needed, get the lowest interest rates on all my credit cards and personal loans...
M. Hernandez, NY
CRB is by far the greatest company Ive worked with I can honestly say they changed my life. You can tell the minute you walk in that office that they truly care about you. It's a really relaxed and calm environment, even though I asked 1 million questions, they answered them all with ease and confidence. I love walking into that office because I know its always going to be good news.
U. Rivera, NY
Loved working with this team at CRB! They were SO helpful and they actually care about you and your financial situation. They are super responsive and have answered so many of my credit related questions. You get your own personal credit consultant that walks you through the process and I felt like I had a financial coach!
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Track Your Progress

 Anytime, Anywhere

Sit back and watch as your credit score jumps like it has never before. You can check your credit repair progress through our advanced monitoring tools.

The CRB Advantage

Personalized Time With Our Experts

Unlike other firms, our consultants dedicate 1:1 time to ensure you're always in the loop

Proven Security

We take personal security very seriously - your information is 100% safe with us

Proven Results

As industry veterans, we've helped thousands improve their score by hundreds of points

An Investment for Your Future

Need to purchase a home or car? Our experts provide personal guidance to reach your goals

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We'll review your financial history and get started on repairing your credit

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Our Customers

Love Us

Daryl Horton

The best decision I ever made in my life. They fixed all the credit problems I ever had. I started with a credit score of 520. In no time, it jumped to a 740. They are on top of their game, and they are easy on the wallet

Terrence Ramnarine

My decision to sign up with CRB was one of the best ever! I have been struggling financially due to student loans, but the team at Credit Repair Boss was able to give me really helpful advice on how to get my loans out of default and start to build my credit. Even though I am young, they showed me why building credit now is so important! 

Louie Romas

"My credit score was in the low 500s when I started and now I am in the 700s and just got approved for a Capital One Venture Card with a $15,000 limit."

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